We love films, we love talking about films and we love the idea of reaching the next generation with meaningful, entertaining discussions about what it means to be a filmmaker. Here at MovieSign you’ll find multiple formats of content; a little something for everyone.

Podcast: Follow us here, on Twitter or on iTunes. This is an informal discussion about films, tv, cinematography new tech; pretty much anything and everything.

Film Analysis: A film analysis post is a much more in-depth look at a film; usually one we love, or absolutely hate. These are for anyone who wants to apply the successes or failures of a film, Director, Cinematographer or Writer, and apply those lessons to their own work.

Pod-n-play: Much like a film analysis, however, these are meant to be listened to as additional commentary while watching a film. We have no copyrighted content in these files, it’s just an audio track of us yammering about cinematography. Hit play when we hit play (a.k.a. “roll film”), and it should sync up pretty well. Download the track if you can (yes, it’s free). Direct streaming from a browser is a gamble, but that’s totally up to you. We recommend you watch the film ahead of time, so you can ingest the additional content to it’s fullest.

Movie Review: Want to know if that movie that just came out is worth the $20? Maybe there’s a film you’ve never heard of. Check out our movie reviews for some much needed direction, and hopefully we won’t lead you astray.